Our mission

David Ogilvy once said, Where people aren't having fun, the seldom produce good work.

I tend to agree.

There's this thing with ideas. They pop up on the few occasions you happen to not think about them. They peek round a corner in your brain, only to quickly dive back into their manholes when you do as much as look in their way.

Now, there are ways to lure them out. To trick them... You see, being creative is as much about trickery as what we, advertising people, eventually use that creativity for. Before we can ever trick anyone else's brain, we first have to trick our very own.

It's all about distraction. In my case, quite often this happens on my bike ride home.

I'm making sure I don't get overrun, or run someone over. I'm ploughing my way through piles of tourists hurtling over each other - trying to get into the Heineken Experience before it closes.

These are the times they show up. But I'm not in the office. And I'm definitely not having fun.

Before we can ever trick anyone else's brain, we first have to trick our very own.

So where am I going with this? Allow me to explain.

You see, we need that ride home in the office. We need a brain distractor. A machine that can trick the ideas hiding in our brains to show up. Preferably in a fun way.

Now, it just so happens that John Jaques invented one of these machines in the late 18th century. A machine proven to increase productivity, relieve stress and provide loads of fun.

A machine more commonly known as the pingpong table.

So for John, for David, but above all for the sake of creativity:

We need a pingpong table.

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Why ping pong?

There is lots of scientific research proving the benefits of playing ping pong at work. These are just a few of the many arguments:

  • It increases concentration and alertness
  • It stimulates brain function
  • It develops tactical thinking skills
  • It develops hand / eye coordination
  • It provides aerobic exercise
  • It provides social and recreational interaction
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We are already supporting this cause

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I also want ping pong

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